Sending documents

Basically, all documents generated with the help of LIMMOBI can be sent in the following ways:

  • Via LIMMOBI shipping service as letter post
  • Via LIMMOBI as email
  • By yourself

LIMMOBI shipping service as letter post

For a fee, LIMMOBI takes care of sending documents by postal mail through our partner This service is only available to recipients in Switzerland. The shipping status is displayed with the respective document.

Via LIMMOBI as email

With this option, the document will be sent as an attachment by email. Technically, the sender is LIMMOBI. But it is clear in the email that the message is being sent in your name. In the settings (Top Menu -> Admin -> LIMMOBI Account -> Settings -> Email Sending) you can specify the contact that will be used as sender and for queries in the email. In addition, you can choose whether you want to receive a BCC (blind copy) for your control.

Image 704

For the recipient, the email looks like the following, depending on the email program:

Image 691

Image 693

We would like to point out that email is not a secure communication channel. We cannot guarantee the correct delivery of emails. It cannot be ruled out that emails are read and/or falsified by third parties.

Shipped by yourself

This option allows you to keep track of which document you have sent yourself.