Dispute among tenants

Dispute between neighbours in a rental property can result in terminations or reductions of the rent.

Possible causes of neighborly strife there are manyfold:

  • Noise from the neighbouring flat, the stairwell or the garden
  • Smells from waste, smoking in the stairwell, grilling or smoking on the balcony
  • Blockade of paths, parking of objects in the stairwell

Mutual consideration and tolerance are necessary so that a smooth coexistence is possible among neighbours. This is legally backed up in Art. 257f Abs. 2 OR , where mutual respect among neighbors is promoted. As a landlord, you can help to prevent conflicts from arising with simple, clearly formulated house rules.

If a tenant complains to the lessor about another tenant, it is advisable to first talk to the disturbing tenant. Accusations are often made against each other. In such a case meditation can help. If the conflict cannot be resolved otherwise, the landlord only has the means to terminate the lease. The landlord should make sure that the termination is traceable and objectively justified. Written statements from neighbors, including 3rd party, can help. If it is not clear who is the disruptive tenant, both leases must be terminated.