Change of Lease Contract (e.g. Increase of Lease)

In order to capture a change to lease contract, in LIMMOBI a lease contract with a new ID is created.

Typical changes of a lease contract are caused by:

  • Increase or decrease of lease
  • Change of some tenants (excl. children)
  • Change of ancillary cost allocation shares in the middle of an ancillary cost calculation period

Typical smaller changes that can be done to an existing lease contract, without created a version with a new ID:

  • Change of ancillary cost allocation shares at end of ancillary cost calculation period
  • End date
  • Cancellation date
  • Security Deposit

If a new tenant moves in, a new lease contract should be created instead of changing an existing one. 

To replace a lease contract with an updated one, select the lease contract and click the "Change" icon:

Image 66

All existing values are taken over to the new contract with the ability to apply the change. Note, that for any point in time only one lease contract can exist for every lease unit.