Fixed Distribution

With fixed distribution you can define the allocation per lease unit. 

To create a new fixed distribution edit the real property and find the "Ancillary Cost" tab. Chose the allocation 'Fixed distribution' for cost drivers or cost collectors.

Image 56

In the following example for the service cost of an elevator the allocation is equal to the floor of the lease unit.

Image 55

Above describes how to set the default values on the real property. Whenever a new lease contract is created these values will be applied as default. It is possible to change the allocation on the level of the lease contract. To do so when creating a new contract find the "Details" tab. These settings will be applied when the next ancillary cost statement is created. 

Image 68

If you need to update the allocation values of an active contract in the middle of an ancillary cost calculation period, you need to Replace a lease contract