Management Start and End Date

The first accounting period starts with the "Management From" date and the last accounting period ends with the "Management Until" date. Lease contracts should be created with there real start date, which may be much earlier than the "Management From" date. The invoicing of lease payments starts and ends with the defined management period.

Image 323

In case you previously already managed the real property using another tool and are now switching to LIMMOBI, set the "Management From" date to the date on which you assume the management in LIMMOBI.

If you assume the management of a new real property, it is possible to create an ancillary cost statement with a start date earlier than the "Management From" date. You will need to capture (and have receipts) for all the cost occurred in the whole period though. Choose the "Management From" date as accounting booking date for those transactions. Also all lease contracts during this ancillary cost calculation period need to be captured, even if they had been terminated before you assumed the management.

It is recommended to adjust the management handover to the lease period (e.g. beginning of month), else pro-rata lease invoices will be issued.