Customizing the Ancillary Cost Statement

This article discusses the parameters that allow to customize the layout of the Ancillary Cost Statement for the lessee to your needs: 

- Letter Customization

- Texts

- Merging Lease Contracts

- Hide or show line items with no share

- Show previous period to lessees for comparison

Letter Customization

The usual parameters that apply to all letters in general also apply to the Ancillary Cost Statement. Examples are your logo, header and footer, facsimile signature.


Texts and titles can be defined on the first tab "Params" and will be applied to all statements. Besides that there is the option to change individual texts (green areas) on tab 4 "Letter Editor".

Merging Lease Contracts

Merging Lease Contracts is described here. 

Hide or show line items with no share

You can choose whether to show line items where the lease object has no shares. E.g. the line item cable tv for a parking lot is usually not displayed. In the Edit mode of the lease contract on the tab 'Details' the allocation shares are specified. If the value '0' (zero) ist provided the line item will show in the statement.

Image 93

If you prefer to hide an item in the statement leave the share allocation field blank:

Image 94

For example the setting above will result in showing "No shares" for the Garage, since all allocation share fields are blank:

Image 92

Show previous period to lessees for comparison

If the previous statement has been done with LIMMOBI you can choose to show the data of the previous statement for comparison. The option is available on the first tab "Params":

Image 95

Image 96

Image 97

or simply the current period

Image 100

Image 98

Image 99