Printer Settings and Calibration

LIMMOBI offers to print and send documents (incl. ESR) for you. If you choose this option you never have to worry about rejected ESR because of print issues any more.

ESR payment slips should be printed on pre-printed ESR paper that can be ordered from your bank or from an office supply provider. In order to fulfill the layout requirements please follow the following instructions to prevent rejected ESRs

Printer Calibration for printing of ESR Payment Slips

To print payment slips on your printer, a calibration of the border margins may be required. To calibrate follow these steps:

  1. Print this document Printer Calibration Page
  2. On the printed page measure the distances indicated below
  3. In LIMMOBI click on your user name in top right corner
  4. Choose „Settings“ find „Printer Calibration“
  5. Enter the measured values
Image 5

Printer Settings

To print from LIMMOBI, make sure that the following printer settings are always applied. (Exact names of the properties vary by Operating System type and version)

  • „Page Sizing“: Actual size
  • „Size“: 100%
  • „Scale“: 100%
  • „Centering“: Deactivated
  • „Scaling“: Deactivated
  • „Shrink to fit“: Deactivated